Horizontal Blending Machine & Weighing Device

The complete set is very suitable for the hi-speed blending of plastic powder and pellets for making plastic floor tiles, wall tiles wire, cable, FRP doors & windows and Christmas trees.

The industrial dryer machine is suitable for mixing and storage of industry plastic raw materials in particles or powders. It is suitable for equipment of the front or back process in extrusion. And it is also suitable for two kinds of additives pre-mixing, so that can makes materials well-mixing more quickly and efficiently. It can achieved very good mixing effect by blending staggered blades.

Model Tank Vol. Blending Capacity/Time Motor Electronic Heater (KW)
CW-D100 200L 60-100kg 2HP 6-10KW
CW-D200 400L 100-200kg 3HP 8-12KW
CW-D300 600L 150-300kg 5HP 8-12KW
CW-D400 800L 200-400kg 5-7.5HP 10-22KW
CW-D600 1200L 400-600kg 7.5HP 10-22KW
CW-D700 1500L 500-700kg 10-15HP 10-22KW
CW-D1000 2000L 700-1000kg 15-20HP 24-32KW
CW-D1200 2400L 800-1200kg 15-20HP 24-32KW
CW-D1500 3000L 1000-1500kg 20-25HP 24-32KW
CW-D2000 4000L 1500-2000kg 25-30HP 32-45KW
CW-D2500 5000L 2000-2500kg 30HP 32-45KW
CW-D3000 6000L 2500-3000kg 30-40HP 40-56KW
CW-D5000 10000L 4500-5000kg 40-60HP 64-80KW
*Above sizes are for reference only.