"CHIAO WEI MECHANIC CO., LTD" founded in 1987 and a professional manufacturer of Hi-speed mixer, Blending machine & those ancillary equipments etc.Although we have established about twenty years,our staffs were continued and guided by principle of innovating, pursuing the excellence & hard-working etc.

Especially, the scientific-technology will be upgraded gradually as well as human life be diversified day by day. Since our company has focused on new products R/D and manufactured high-efficiency, automation, low noise & low pollution products. And we have contributed trivial efforts to make capability advances for professional.

Our company has manufactured a series of products, such as:

Our main products which we can afforded are included in the following pages. we are sincerely looking forward those literatures are your guide to our products and put them to work to help make things better. Those are the best wishes and appreciate for our staffs.