Dedicated to R&D Technological Leadership

Based on Chiao Wei's policy of "Research and Innovation, Technological Leadership" our R&D staff has been dedicated to the development of new technology. Our objective is to create new models with more uniformity, higher speeds and greater energy saving; thus enabling us to help customers increase their production efficiency. For example, our exclusively designed patented material outlet port permits fast material outfeed without residual. In addition, our other innovative designs allow Chiao Wei machines to establish a new standard in performance.

Chiao Wei Machines Recognized Internationally

Over the years, Chiao Wei aggressively developed their worldwide market. In addition to participating in international exhibitions to present their brand name, Chiao Wei also searched out dependable agents around the world to establish a long term partnership. Chiao Wei fully believes that only offering the most advanced machines will enable them to be competitive in the worldwide market.

Committed to Excellent Service

Chiao Wei Mechanic Co., Ltd. Has been dedicated to design and manufacturing of high speed mixers, mixing systems, extruders and ancillary equipment. Through years of efforts, Chiao Wei has established a high reputation in both domestic and overseas markets. At Chiao Wei, we have outstanding R&D capabilities. This combined with years of total dedication to new technology enables us to establish an outstanding technical background. Whether a single machine or whole-plant equipment, Chiao Wei machines will fully exhibit high productivity, high quality and minimum trouble features. Our Objective is to offer customers the best performance from our equipment that will help customers stay competitive.