Horizontal Drying Blending Machine & Screw Conveyor

The complete set is very suitable for the hi-speed blending of plastic powder and pellets for making plastic floor tiles, wall tiles wire, cable, FRP doors & windows and Christmas trees.
Model Tank Vol. Blending Capacity/Time Motor Electronic Heater (KW)
CW-D100 200L 60-100kg 2HP 6-10KW
CW-D200 400L 100-200kg 3HP 8-12KW
CW-D300 600L 150-300kg 5HP 8-12KW
CW-D400 800L 200-400kg 5-7.5HP 10-22KW
CW-D600 1200L 400-600kg 7.5HP 10-22KW
CW-D700 1500L 500-700kg 10-15HP 10-22KW
CW-D1000 2000L 700-1000kg 15-20HP 24-32KW
CW-D1200 2400L 800-1200kg 15-20HP 24-32KW
CW-D1500 3000L 1000-1500kg 20-25HP 24-32KW
CW-D2000 4000L 1500-2000kg 25-30HP 32-45KW
CW-D2500 5000L 2000-2500kg 30HP 32-45KW
CW-D3000 6000L 2500-3000kg 30-40HP 40-56KW
CW-D5000 10000L 4500-5000kg 40-60HP 64-80KW
*Above sizes are for reference only.