Hi-Speed Mixer Series (Standard Model)

The complete set is very suitable for the hi-speed blending of plastic powder and pellets for making plastic floor tiles, wall tiles wire, cable, FRP doors & windows and Christmas trees.

The vertical mixer/vertical blender, also called the super mixer, rapid mixer, or high-speed mixer machine is driven by variable-frequency stepless motor. Which is can adjust the speed according to the materials with different characteristics. And also can save more than 20% of the electric power. Using special design of the mixing blade can makes the powder suspension flow due to high-speed running. Collocate of arc-shaped bottom design with zero dead corner. Even if material has big different proportions, it also can be well mixed quickly. This equipment is special for water pipes, plastic floors, wall panels, plastic floor tiles, wires and cables, plastic steel doors, windows, etc.

Model Tank Vol. Power Machine Size
CW-100L 100L 30-40HP 2210 x 700 x 1510 mm
CW-150L 150L 40-60HP 2240 x 760 x 1790 mm
CW-200L 200L 75-100HP 2805 x 920 x 2050 mm
CW-300L 300L 100-125HP 2860 x 960 x 2130 mm
CW-400L 400L 125-150HP 2910 x 960 x 2190 mm
CW-500L 500L 150-175HP 2950 x 1100 x 2230 mm
CW-750L 750L 175-200HP 3450 x 1250 x 2520 mm
CW-1000L 1000L 250HP 3600 x 1350 x 2700 mm
CW-1200L 1200L 300HP 3750 x 1450 x 2900 mm
*Above sizes are for reference only.