Complete Set of Hi-Speed Mixer with Vertical Cooling Blender (Model ED 1 To 2 with Metering Delivery System)

The complete set is very suitable for the hi-speed blending of plastic powder and pellets for making plastic floor tiles, wall tiles wire, cable, FRP doors & windows and Christmas trees.

PVC compounding is the process of mixing raw plastic materials in particles or powders to manufacture piping and tubing structures. It is a part of the plastic extrusion process. It involves the pre-mixing of multiple additives, which is performed in an efficient manner. PVC compounding is commonly used in manufacturing water pipes, plastic floors, wall panels, plastic floor tiles, wires, cables, plastic steel doors, windows, to name a few.

Suitable for filling small amounts of additive. A semi-automatic operation system that saves labor and times, lowers production costs while upgrading throughput by 20%.
With material storing function. No powder leakage during delivery. A mixing and delivery system that meets environmental protection requirements.
The flow guide plate is a special design, featuring uniform mixing, high speed, superior dispersion and energy saving.
Exclusively designed material outlet port can be set according to customer’s material types. Another benefit is its fast material outfeed with residuals.(Patented design).
The tank invertor is a stainless steel construction, polished to upgrade material missing efficiency and reduce electricity consumption.
The steel base is a one-piece fabrication and equipped with anti-vibration pads, providing smooth and stable running.
Model Tank Vol. Power Compatible Model
CW-100 100L 30-40HP Employed with ED-200L Cooling Blender
CW-150 150L 40-60HP Employed with ED-300L Cooling Blender
CW-200 200L 75-100HP Employed with ED-400L Cooling Blender
CW-300 300L 100-125HP Employed with ED-600L Cooling Blender
CW-400 400L 125-150HP Employed with ED-800L Cooling Blender
CW-500 500L 150-175HP Employed with ED-1000L Cooling Blender
CW-750 750L 175-200HP Employed with ED-1500L Cooling Blender
CW-1000 1000L 250HP Employed with ED-2000L Cooling Blender
CW-1200 1200L 300HP Employed with ED-3000L Cooling Blender
*Above sizes are for reference only.